Lady suffering from stressStress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety have been described as the great plague of modern society, which means that you are not alone if you suffer from stress.

Like many other people, you will have the ups and downs of life problems to deal with everyday. These anxieties can reveal themselves at home, at work and even when you are alone with your thoughts. Generally speaking, we learn to cope with them, but sometimes, when these feelings turn into panic attacks, they can be frightening or debilitating and we reach the stage where we don't know how to deal with them.

We will help you to understand what is happening during those scary moments, guide you through relaxation techniques, teach you skills to eliminate stress and help you to improve your general wellbeing.



£75 per session or 3 x 1 hour sessions for £150


What our clients say...

"I became so afraid of having panic attacks that I avoided most social situations, the simple techniques that I learned during the session have turned my life around"